It all started with a dream to go sailing . . . and as life time mariners embarking on an adventure around the world, we quickly understood many of the challenges to keep moving were purely administrative. These time consuming processes include clearances with Customs & Immigration, reserving berthing, and co-ordinating repairs & maintenance - just to name a few.

So, after completing our circumnavigation, followed by working with hundreds of yachts, marinas and countries around the world, we created a sailing resource to help captains with the administration and logistics of sailing while in port as well as out on the water.

We set about our vision to be the premier sailing resource and recruited a team of experienced sailors who shared our passion for sailing and the fellowship of seamanship. Our team combines over 500,000 nautical miles of seatime from master mariners, commercial skippers and circumnavigators.

SAIL YOURSELF is proud to offer “SAIL YOURSELF Support,” a 24/7 shoreside support available by email and phone that will allow captains to slip lines and set sail while our professional team take care of the many organizational hassels.

Enjoy more sunsets and let us navigate the details.

Client Testimonials

  • "If there is one person I know who is able to organise the ‘boring’ and administrative aspects of bluewater sailing, then it would be Galen. He knows the INS and OUTS of dealing with authorities in difficult countries like nobody else. He is your virtual advisor through customs, immigration or any other hurdle you might encounter. In the end, its all about trusting the professionals!" Circumnavigator, Niki S/V ARANUI, Xc 45 / X-Yacht
  • “SAIL YOURSELF Support provides useful weather routing and passage planning. In addition to existing services, local and international sailors operating in South African waters will  greatly benefit from their services especially when rounding the Cape” South African Sailing School Principal, Mark: S/V MERCURY, Van De Stadt  42
  • “The team at SAIL YOURSELF has extensive world wide yacht management experience which gives them the knowledge of what captains need as they travel the world. SAIL YOURSELF has been born out of extensive knowledge of what yacht captains need as they face the challenges of long distance cruising. On our circumnavigation we utilized their in depth knowledge of immigration formalities. Assistance with these processes saved us a huge amount of time enabling us to maximize our enjoyment of the various destinations” Captain, Ros  S/V MISTO, Nautitech 44