Frequently Asked Questions

1What areas of the World do you cover?
Our service areas include all bodies of water: oceans, seas, lakes and rivers worldwide.
2How often can I contact you?
Our clients can contact us as often as they like.
3How quickly can I expect a response?
Phone calls are answered 24/7. Emails and follow ups are between 1 - 12 hours.
4Will I have a dedicated team member?
5How do you handle medical emergencies?
When a medical emergency happens, we establish contact with the appropriate authorities. A medical professional will contact you to provide advice and determine the best course of action.
6What help do you provide with visas?
Our team has extensive experience with international travel and visa requirements. We will provide research and advice for clients. We also offer comprehensive assistance with the application process as an add-on service.
7Do you take commissions or kickbacks?
No. We work for you and represent your best interests.
8Can I freeze (pause) my Sail Yourself Support service?
Yes. Seasonal Support clients can freeze their package once and Annual Support clients twice.